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"There's a Sick Little Suicide in all That We Do"

Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White
Location , PA
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Punk Rock Princess
I never thought you'd last
I never dreamed you would
You watch your life go past
you wonder if you should
If you should be my punk rock princess so I would be your garage band king
you could tell my why you just don't fit in, and how your gonna be something
If I could be your first real heartache, I would do it over again
If you could be my punk rock princess I would be your heroin
Ohhhh Yes
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Tears run down my face just like the last
No different from yesterday
Sick from the mirror
Do these payers feel sincere
The dirt never washes clear
You were good, so good
I grew to love your lies
Until I put you in the past
Love was lust until he revealed
The man behind the mask
Will the scars go away
In this world I have no place
Forgive me Jesus this time I cry
I rip my heart out to give to you
Alone it never did me any good
Hold me close, wash my mind
Destroy the me that lives inside
Best Song
Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate
what creates my own madness
and I'm addicted to your punishment
and you're the master
and I am waiting for disaster

I feel irrational
So confrontational
To tell the truth I am
getting away with murder
it isn't possible
to ever tell the truth
but the reality is I'm getting away with murder

I drink my drink and I don't even want to
I think my thoughts when I don't even need to
I never look back cause I don't even want to
and I don't need to
because I'm getting away with murder
looks whos back
Tuesday. 3.7.06 10:06 am
well its been a really long time since ive been on this thing, but im in computer programming right now and me and mag were looking through some things and decided to come back to this site just for the heck of it, and now i want to get back into.. crazy how things work these days.. life has been kinda boring, i have a boyfriend now and yeah, and school.. is school.. i play indoor soccer again and it keeps me busy on the weekend.. 3 teams this year is pretty fun and.. yeah cool.. well gotta go to next period.. later all

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Tuesday. 7.19.05 12:23 pm
well well, its been about a month or so since i updated.. nothing special has happened this summer.. ive been in a car accident and um soccer has started.. yeah thats about it, things are pretty boring in this town and theres never anything to do and people are just stupid and fake, i'll be happy to be able to get outta this school in 2 years.. well lets see, the troy fair is coming up, what a big excitment there, i mean i get to park cars for 12 hours, omg, how fucken exciting.. and then i leave for NC the next week and im sooo looking forward to that, no doubt about it, finally some time to get away from this town and go meet some hotttties, hell yeah, well thats about it for now.. maybe i'll get back on this thing sometime, but myspace is really more interesting

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well well
Saturday. 6.11.05 10:14 pm
Its been awhile, a long while.. but summer has finally started and i dont know if im ready for it or not.. tonight i went and saw Mr.Beck's Spearfish movie and met the band Anna May which plays a lot of the music in the movie.. it was really good and a lot of fun

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Can i take your order
Sunday. 4.17.05 9:38 pm
so this weekend.. saturday i went to the mall and got some new soccer cleats and a new book bag.. and then sunday is when it all happened.. me and maga went to the Something Corporate Concert in Ithaca with our mom's... yes yes.. it was awesome.. a lot of pushing around and a lot of water being flung, but it was the best thing yet, cant wait til next weeked.. woot woot.. yeah.. wendys and arbys.. they just suck, really badly.. "WENDY'S SUCKS, GET MORE BAKED POTATOS'' haha good times with the maga..

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wash the shutters
Tuesday. 4.12.05 4:57 pm
so lets see.. monday and tuesday.. hm, maga hasnt been in school due to the sickness she caught, so uncool.. well in shop i finished up my spoon, 94 isnt to bad i suppose, but who cares, im done with it and im moving onto the duck towel holder, wooo our school is pretty fanzy with these things even though we are almost outta wood, yeah we are pretty much just that cool.. but the people in school are really starting to get annoying and they are all turning into ass holes, i cant wait for summer to get here, so i dont have to see the stupid ppl for awhile..

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build me up, buttercup baby
Sunday. 4.10.05 11:53 am
sooo.. friday i went to school and all, blah blah blah.. and then after school me and maga went down to her ma's office and then decided to walk to the dollar store.. yeah we got the goods and i was carring back the mt dew in the bag and i threw it over my shoulder adn then a hole was formed in the bag, and boom there it goes.. but anyway, as soon as we actually got to maga's house.. we got on some sweat pants and hoodies and headed out to the raging waters of burlington with our canoe, "SS YO MAMA".. we dragged her down to the water and hopped it, after a couple mins.. our canoe got stuck sideways and i drobbed the oar and we had to run down the side and then maga went in and got it, so she was wet and i laughed... a couple mins later when we were in the canoe, it got sideways again and mag got out and i was still in the back and im like, "wait" and shes like, "no wait" and she tipped me over so then i was all wet and i had a bruied knuckle.. so yeah i was pissed, but i got over it and we headed onward.. it started getting colder and everything but about 2 hours later we were down with that adventure and headed inside to get warm.. so i spent the night with her..

Saturday we went to the mall and i helped mag get her sophmore dress for the dance, obviously.. and yeah we just chilled there for awhile.. and then her ma dropped us off at the baseball field where my parents picked us up and we went the driving range and hit some golf balls, yeah we are pros.. then we went to my grandparents house and then we finally went back to my house.. we then picked up sticks in my yard and took them out back with the 4wheeler and the wagon.. after we were done with that, we took a 4 wheeler ride and then came back inside and ate and just chilled.. then later on we went to bed

This morning we woke up and went back out on the 4 wheeler were we met up with this creepy guy on one of the paths.. he follwed up back to my house basically and it was pretty fucked up.. and mag just left a couple mins ago and now im sad because i dont know if shell be going to soccer today or not.. but yes, that was my weekend.. and lucky me, i got to spend it with my best friend ever,, wooot wooot

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Maybe love will find us again, but there is always tomorrow, sincerely til, the end, close my eyes, just for tonight, the sun still sleeps, when she wakes
Count on me to say that everything thats good is gone, just force a smile somehow
Can you feel your heart beat racing
Can you taste the fear in her sweat
We've done this wrong
Its to far gone
These sheets tell of regret
I admit that i'm just a fool for you
I'm just a foor for you
Brand New
We saw the western coast
I saw the hospital
Nurse the shoreline like a wound
We paint a lover's tryst
We're neither clear nor descript
We kept it safe and slow
The quiet things that no one ever knows
Keep the blood in your head and keep your feet on the ground
Today's the day it gets tired
Today's the day we drop down
Give up my body in bed
All for an empty hotel
Wasting words on lowercases and capitals
I contemplate the day we wed
Your friends are boring me to death
Your veil is ruined in the rain
By then you like to do without
There's nothing new to talk about
And though our kids are blessed,
the parents let them shoulder all the blame
Yeah, Yeah
Walking example of you
Wait for the silence
Talking backwards to you
It meant nothing to me
Watching the world fall on you
I'm keeping my eyes closed
Now I can see what this means to you
It meant nothing to me

This wasted so many nights and again
Ive wasted so much time on a friend
Too young, too proud to understand
So this is the end

Perfect timing for you
You'll run 'til your legs break
So here's my reminder of you
It meant nothing to me

Watch The Sky
I'm lost at sea
The radio is jamming but they wont find me
I swear its for the best
And then your frequency is pulling me in closer
Til I'm home

And I've been up for days
I finally lost my mind
And then I lost my way

I'm blistered but I'm better and I'm home

And I will crawl, theres things that aren't worth giving up I know
But I won't let this get me I will fight
You live the life you're given with the storms outside somedays all I do is Watch The Sky

"And if you've ever said you missed me then dont say youve never lied."

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